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ETRA  - Florence, Italy

Via dei Pecori 3 (one block from the DOMO)



ETRA is a fresh and innovative concept of ultra luxury hospitality built around the idea of selective
travelers pursuing a tireless quest for exclusivity. When meeting ETRA travelers enjoy:


  • Uncharted 5 sense experiences built with thefinest standards and maximum privacy

  • Superlative and discrete private locations with impressive lookouts over iconic beauties of the territory

  • Perfect and harmonic reinterpretation of contemporary luxury in a welcoming atmosphere and with a special sense of equilibrium between every element of its environments

  • Exclusive access to its preferred network of professionals that offer memorable moments that money cannot usually buy




Walking barefoot on 250 sqm heat-treated parquet has never been so pleasant. The 3 types of ETRA suites represent the perfect application of contemporary design and its formula to create timeless beauty:


  • Strong lines hide anything that eyes don’t want to see

  • Precious design objects placed in their natural environment

  • Warm colors and scenographic effects create an elegant atmosphere



2 pax – 120 sqm / 1,300sqft

Starting at $1,700


4 pax – 130 sqm / 1,400sqft

Starting at $2,400


6 pax – 250 sqm / 2,700sqft

Starting at $3,900

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